What's In A Name? The Forever Honeymooners

locks of love
locks of love

I know. It's a cheesy name for a blog. This blog is our passion project. Initially, we envisioned the blog to be some sort of a travel journal, where we can store and organize our travel photos and the stories that came with it. As I thought more about finally putting it up, I wanted the blog to be something more. And the name "forever honeymooners" fit to a T.

This blog is not just about traveling. The reason we chose to keep the name is we wish that this space to become an avenue where we can talk about positive and happy things. It is where we can encourage young couples like us to choose to be joyful and grateful amidst the daily challenges we face. We share our experiences as we try to appreciate each other in any kind of circumstance, because, well, we're stuck together forever. :)

It has been said that the "honeymoon" period only lasts for a year. We'd like to prove that wrong. To us, honeymoon is not only limited to that time when you get to travel after your wedding or about big, elaborate demonstrations of love. It is being in the now, growing together, celebrating the small things, making the mundane extra-ordinary. That state in our marital life doesn't need to be transient. It is really making each other feel loved and appreciated everyday.

To your forever honeymoon, too!