The Skin Saver

Turning 28 was a big year for me. It was when I got married and then after that, the time I got brutally introduced to adult acne. I thought this must be due to aging. I went to a couple of dermatologists, and one said it's probably allergy to several things. Flouride in my toothpaste, ingredients in my shampoo, etc. I have totally overhauled my make-up arsenal. I went for mineral, silicone-free, oil-free make-up. It was painstaking process just to buy pressed powder. I was spending a small fortune on prescription concoctions, premium skin care and drugstore products. Nothing seemed to work. For four years, I battled with painful cystic acne. Finally, my derma told me to Drop the silicone-free Pantene I'm currently using. She said it might not be the silicone but the fragrance. Apparently, these things contain harsh fragrances that some people adversely react to resulting to acne. She advised me to to use baby shampoo instead. I can't. I just hate the texture of my hair when I use baby shampoo.

Finally, after a bit of searching, I stumbled into Healthy Options and saw Jason Organic Fragrance-feee Shampoo. And as they say, the rest is history.

Jason Organic Fragrance-free Shampoo

Three weeks in and I'm zit-free for the first time in four years. Im so happy, I hope I don't jinx it. :)