The Mess Behind the Maid-less Honeymooners' Household

Our house is a mess.  We have been without house help for almost five months now and we are always tired.  Weekends are not how it used to be.  No more lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings when we can sleep in.  We have to  get up because breakfast had to be made, trash taken out, let the dogs to do their business outside.  And it's not me who bears most of the brunt of living in a maid-less household.  Jaysen has been warned before we got married that I'm pretty useless around the house. My mom had 28 years to train me and she failed miserably.  It wasn't her fault. I know how hard she tried but what can I say? No excuses. Bad daughter. Terrible wife. :) No apologies. (insert All Apologies melody. Sorry for the '90s reference :) ) We thought we prepared well for this period. What we didn't anticipate was the time it is taking us to get a replacement.  Yaya extinction, you guys! The stress of having to work during the day and keep a semblance of order in the house is taking a toll on us. Jaysen is bearing most of the load as obviously he is more of a neat-freak than I am and his work schedule is more flexible than mine. Having an OC germophobe and a slobbery dog, Loki, in the house is a recipe for disaster.  They now have a love-hate relationship. It's hilarious and sad all at once.  Jaysen following Loki with a mop and Loki oblivious to Jaysen's frustration as he walks and rolls on our floor. Then there's the occasional a water reflux when he gets excited or stressed (bulldog's trademark) or accident when we take him out a little too late.  Then Jaysen screams and Loki looks at him like a victim. Sad really.  Jaysen went Lysol overboard with floor one time that it caused a burn on Loki.  It was his first time to react to cleaning agents. We brought him to the vet and he confirmed it was a chemical burn.  So it was an out for the chemical cleaning agents and Jaysen groaned in defeat. Poor Jaysen. Poor Loki. :(


We are outsourcing what we can.  All clothes go to the laundry shop except for the super delicate ones.  Once we the clothes are done, we segregate what goes for ironing to another shop. Then fold and arrange those didn't need ironing.  It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of time.  This taught me a few life-changing things: 1) You can never have too many underwear :) 2) Not all clothing needs to be ironed to death 3) You can live with a few wrinkles here and there.  I have subscribed to a food delivery service not particularly to lose weight (although I need to) but to survive.  Jaysen is out on meetings most of the day so the unwritten rule is better not go home hungry, else you're going to bed hungry.  He'll grill chicken breast if he has to.  I think he'll grow feathers anytime now.  I desperately want a Roomba, both the vacuum and the mop version, so we can have mini robots doing the floor cleaning for us daily. Still, with all the outsourcing, sheets won't fold by themselves, dishes need some washing, dogs the bathing, clothes won't park themselves in appropriate drawers, things to put away.  It's unbelievable how much dust can accumulate in a matter of days even when everything is shut. I was surprised to see a cobweb by our headboard when I never saw a spider in the house. I freaked out at the thought of a spider anywhere near us!


This struggle is really getting on our nerves, leaving edges raw.  My daily commute to work is quite long and by the time I get home, I am a useless sack of tissue and bones.  I can barely eat my dinner and is asleep in no time.  Which leaves Jaysen to do the cleaning up.  I also leave super early for work. Jaysen wakes up early too to let Loki out before an accident happens, help me pack my stuff, do a little cleaning if needed, then he's set for his day. If it's tiring for me, I'm sure it's doubly stressful for him as he does most of the house work. Although there are mornings when he is grumpier than his usual self, I would dare say he is taking things well. That is not to say we don't need house help anymore. Please. :) Thank you Lord for domesticated, well-adjusted husbands.  I am sure he cannot say the same thing about me. Nyahaha.

Yaya recos are super welcome. Please? Pretty please? Our marriage depends on it. Just kidding! Not. :)