Springtime Among Windmills and Tulips

The Zaandam stop is the last leg of our Euro 2016 trip.  We were suffering from fatigue as our flight from Prague was terribly (7 hours!) delayed.  We arrived back in Schiphol a little after 9PM, fortunately there is a direct train from Schiphol to Zaandam and our gracious host waited up for us. :)  Netherlands is not only home to the intricate canals but also to those iconic windmills and gorgeous tulips.  Of course we can't leave Netherlands without seeing them!  So for the last two days, we decided to stay in the Zaandam area as it is closer to Zaanse Schans, where the windmills are, and the Keukenhof garden where you can get lost in fields of tulips for a few weeks a year. Spring is the loveliest season of the year, when colors are vibrant and flowers are in full bloom.  Everything seems to be so alive and you get that hopeful, expectant vibe.  You get sunny days and blue skies, a little bit of rain at times, without being too hot.  


Wow.  It's almost a year since this trip.  It took me TOO long to write about it.  It's hard to capture all these beauty in to words.  Maybe I'm just lazy. :)