My Kind of Weekend

On short notice, I was told I have to go to Singapore for work. When I got my ticket last Friday, the first item on my weekend agenda was to get a mani-pedi. Once I was able to peel my self off the couch, off to the salon.

Pretty colors

My favorite nail salon is Dashing Diva. I like how professional the staff are. No chatting or whispering while they attend to you. No noisy staff in the background. The place is spotless and you can be sure that the tools they use are stetilized. It's just me and my time to relax.

Perfectly defined brows


The premium you pay for is so worth it. The staff are well groomed (notice the technicians perfect brows :) ), polite, and very gentle (no nicks!) as they clean your digits and toes. The mini-massage they give, even for the basic mani-pedi, is heavenly! And of course, the they paint your nails impeccably. I love it!

All done! I think it's pretty :)