Attempting To "Travel Light"

My nearly 10 year old Samsonite
My nearly 10 year old Samsonite

My hot pink collapsible suitcase has been my consistent travel buddy for the most of the last ten years. It's not so hot pink anymore, more like dirty hot pink :). But it still serves me well.

I will be living out of a suitcase, the size a little bit over a carry-on, for the next two weeks. I wanted to have a smaller bag because I'm travelling alone. How did I do it? I didn't. Hubby did for me :). Hurray for supportive hubbies.

I got odd questions though. From the hubby: Do you really need four pairs of shoes? Yes. Can you repeat some of your clothes? No. Do you have to bring ALL of your skincare paraphernalia? Evil eye.

From the check-in personnel when I request for a fragile tag: What is in your bag that is fragile? Shoes. What else? Toiletries and make-up Fragile po ba yon? Yes. Stink eye.

Hahaha. Challenges of a girl travelling light.

Xoxo, Celine