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We are Jaysen and Celine, perennial honeymooners, the little people behind this space in the world wide web.  The Forever Honeymooners servers as our platform to encourage people to focus on the positive things, big or small.



Ours may not neatly fall into the typical family category.  We are hoomans to three furry kids: Apple, Orange, and Loki. Zero human offsprings.  Our life is made up of many delightful and annoying contradictions.  Jaysen is the obsessive organizer and serial cleaner, while I thrive in organized mess. Sunday soundtrack is a mishmash of jazz and alternative rock.            

Through our stories, it is our hope to share our belief that "honeymoon" goes beyond that magical window right after the wedding.  We can be on a honeymoon somewhere exotic or in the living room, walking through fields of tulips or wrestling with the vacuum cleaner.  In this journey, we learned that happiness can be in the little choices that we make. It is not limited by convention or stereotypes. We can define our own version of a honeymoon.

For us, honeymoon is a state of mind. It doesn't have to end.  



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